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New Season - More Wigton Teams

New Season - More Wigton Teams

Warren Ashurst15 Jul 2023 - 22:31
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There will be three new teams added to the Wigton squad list, as we prepare for the new 2023-24 season.

As we build-up to the 2023-24 campaign, Wigton Moor can announce that they will have 25 teams across both Boys and Girls Leagues.

This season the club have added three new teams - Boys Under 7s, Girls Under 10s and Girls Under 12s.

The 2023-24 season will begin in September and the club are delighted to reveal the list of teams....

Girls Under 10s (Coach: Michelle Faulkner)
Girls Under 11s (Coach: Matt Davenport)
Girls Under 12s Wolves (Coach: Michael Boyle)
Girls Under 12s Foxes (Coach: Jordan Dudley)
Girls Under 14s (Coach: Dermot Grumley)
Girls Under 15s (Coach: Nancy Lester)
Girls Under 16s Wolves (Coach: Brett Coldwell)
Girls Under 16s Foxes (Coach: John Duffy)
Girls Under 18s (Coach: Andy Dennison)

Boys Under 7s (Coach: Matt Garman)
Boys Under 8s (Coach: Colin Oates)
Boys Under 9s (Coach: Paul Jones)
Boys Under 10s (Coach: David Brack)
Boys Under 11s Athletic (Coach: Warren Ashurst)
Boys Under 11s United (Coaches: Chris Tinson / Andrew Windress / Jordan Yorath)
Boys Under 12s Athletic (Coach: Tom England)
Boys Under 12s Rovers (Coach: Nick Duckworth)
Boys U13s Athletic (Coach: Kieran Kennedy)
Boys U13s United (Coach: JP Moriarty)
Boys U14s Athletic (Coach: Joel Stead)
Boys U15s Athletic and United (Co-Ordinator: Rachel Bell)
Boys U16s Athletic (Coach: Chris Turner-Fielder)
Boys U17s United (Coach: Dermot Grumley)
Boys U18s Athletic (Coach: Steve Gee)

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